A New Equine Medical Practice For a Changing Sport
Equity Performance Equine

Providing impeccable support to the equine athlete

Equity Performance Equine is borne out of my desire to provide personal, service based veterinary practice answering to the highest level of professionalism and medicine and to do so in a forward thinking equitable organization that I can craft in my own vision. Equity Performance specializes in providing impeccable support to the equine athlete and integrates personal attention with cutting edge, modern medical technology. As our society and sport changes, so should the face of veterinary medicine. I believe horse and rider focused medicine is best practiced by owner operators and invested employees. I’m excited and proud to be a part of leading this new wave of change in our sport. I will continue to offer the same level of personal care and service within the framework of a privately owned enterprise as I continue to do the only work I’ve ever wanted to do my entire life – caring for the horses and riders competing at the highest level of our sport.

Team Approach

Seamless, concierge style medicine tailored to the needs of your specific team and program.

High Performance

Elite level care for all levels of sport, from the pleasure horse to the highest performing athletes.

Purchase Examinations

A particular focus on the pre-purchase examination with easily accessible dialogue and customized exams to fit individual needs.

Advanced Sports Medicine Techniques

Comprehensive sports medicine techniques and approaches that cater to specific programs. We recognize that no veterinary approach to the equine athlete’s program is one sized fits all. Each team surrounding the horse is different and Equity Performance Equine’s approach is one of customization to each individual program.

Paul O’Shea and Skara Glen’s Machu Picchu

Ailish Cunniffe and Baloucento P

Personal, Prompt and In-depth attention

At EPE, we take a concierge style, whole horse approach to general health, wellness and management. Equity Performance serves to provide top level wellness services to each horse, again integrating a team approach to the basic health program of your equine partner.

“A New Equine Sports Medicine Practice From a Familiar Doctor.”